Le 13 octobre 2018 par Nicholas BEATY, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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A full room last Thursday (10/11/2018) for the Franco-British Club’s second workshop this year!

The topic was introduced by Mrs Isabelle AMAUGER from the CESER (Regional Economic, social and Environmental Council) Bretagne (Brittany). Mrs AMAUGER exposed some of the impacts of BREXIT on maritime trade for the Bretagne region. As explained by Adeline JACOB (EEN network / CCI Bretagne), the prospect of a “no-deal” BREXIT is likelier than ever, which further pushes the need for companies trading with the UK to seek training in customs formalities – especially those not used to trading with extra-European countries. Ports, especially smaller ones, must prepare and set up the correct customs infrastructures and health control posts as pointed by Mr. Philippe BONNAFOUS, customs expert and inspector for the Brittany region. Although customs are one of the many challenges that companies face with BREXIT, the main worry for Bolloré Ports and Morvan Fils (our business guest speakers) resides in monetary parity warnings for €/£ exchange rate on 'No Deal' Brexit.

Finally, as this workshop took place at the port of Saint-Malo (Northern coast of Brittany), many unanswered questions were asked about Jersey and Guernsey’s statuses post-Brexit. The Channel Islands will be the subject of our next workshop early 2019.

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