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    As mentioned in the soft landing package page, creating a business in France is no walk in the park especially if your knowledge of the French language and French legal and fiscal system is limited.

    On top of helping you check, process and submit your paperwork to the local authorities, the CCI Ille-et-Vilaine and the WTC Rennes Bretagne work with consultants who can interpret your conversations with local bankers, lawyers, accountants and advise you on other matters regarding settling in France. This collaboration was made possible through the CCI Ille-et-Vilaine and the WTC Rennes Bretagne's partnership with the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    Your goal:

    Register, change or cease your business activity

    Our solutions:

    1. 1. We process your paperwork regarding registering, changing or ceasing your business activity
    2. 2. We check and submit all the necessary documents and make sure that they are processed in a timely manner by all the official bodies: le Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce, l’INSEE, le RSI, l’URSSAF, various fiscal services etc
    3. 3. We can provide you with interpreting services for your meetings with bankers, lawyers, accountants, government authorities and other institutions
    4. 4. Our consultants can advise you on other matters regarding settling in France

    For whom?

    Companies whose business activity is in the realm of the CCI Ille-et-Vilaine jurisdiction or whose business activity doesn’t belong to any jurisdiction.

    Practical information:

    To set up your first appointment and to get a quote, email us at: 



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