Opportunités de partenariats commerciaux & technologiques - Mars-avril 2016

Le 01 avril 2016 par Anne LESEUR, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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Le réseau EEN est un puissant réseau d'opportunités d'affaires européen. Pour retrouver toutes les annonces :


Opportunités Commerciales / partenariats technologiques : si une annonce vous intéresse contactez carole.taffut@bretagne.cci.fr – tél. 02 99 25 07 96

Opportunités Commerciales EEN :


UK based business is looking for breweries in Belgium, France and Germany that can act as subcontractor/manufacturer. It is looking for breweries which can provide large quantities of beer for a special order that will be sent to different clients in Europe and overseas. It is interested in partnering under subcontracting or manufacturing agreement with breweries that can produce and supply high quantity products under private label of the UK Company. REQUEST ref. BRUK20150812001

Danish engineering and trading company, specialised in machines and equipment for handling of powder and granulate primarily from the food industry, is looking for new products to represent on the Danish market under a commercial agency agreement. Relevant products could include metal detectors for food industry, silo equipment, valves, vibrators, etc. The company is looking for partners from Europe or the US. REQUEST ref. BRDK20160222001


UK manufacturer of its own brand and formulations of innovative colour make up cosmetics is looking for distributors specialising in the professional salons market and high street retailers/department stores in France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and the Baltics. OFFER ref. BOUK20160205001


A Turkish fashion designer company located in Izmir is developing apparel for one of the world's top fast fashion retailers. The company is looking for suppliers of fluorescent reflector yarn for manufacturing agreement in order to use the reflector as raw material in new clothing. The partner should supply the products in same quality regardless of the order amount. The product quality must comply with Oeko Tex standard. Cost effectiveness is another keyword for evaluation. The company is looking for suppliers of poliester (PES) fluorescent reflector threads in order to use as raw material in new apparel. Manufactured products are expected to keep their high visibility for up to 10 washes. REQUEST ref. BRTR20151123001


UK company with over 20 years of experience in providing waste management consultancy services to public and private sector organisations is offering trade intermediary services (agency and distribution services) to organisations in Europe who can offer sustainable solutions for dealing with municipal and/or commercial waste. REQUEST ref. BRUK20151016001


A UK wireless testing organisation offering expertise in live network testing, General Certification Forum (GCF) solutions, IOT testing, ACE (Assessment Capable Entity) accredited test lab and technical services/training is looking for partners in Eastern Europe with strong technical skills in telecoms/field testing or related areas for a subcontracting agreement. OFFER ref. BOUK20160209006

The Taiwanese company, which specializes in development and manufacture of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and exports mainly to the Middle East, is offering its integrated Zigbee home security surveillance system. It is seeking prospective agents who are interested in marketing its product in Denmark, Poland, France, Spain and Italy under a distribution agreement or a commercial agency agreement. The prospective partners will also promote its manufacturing services to customers. OFFER ref. BOTW20151224002


UK SME has developed an automated hand hygiene unit for the decontamination of hands. The unit achieves fast, superior hand washing results, monitors hand washing compliance and alerts and reports unsuccessful washes. A manufacturer of the unit is required with the following experience: product design and development experience, tooling capabilities, know-how for rotational moulding technology. REQUEST ref. BRUK20151017001

Opportunités Technologiques EEN :


A Spanish company is specialized in fruit processing for industrial use. The company’s main activity is aseptic processing and preservation of fruits. It has recently incorporated to its range of products individually quick frozen (IQF) fruit processing, using cryogenic technology. It is interested in acquiring a technology that allows an enzymatic peeling of citric fruits. It is looking for industrial partners interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance. REQUEST ref. TRES20151223004

A Scottish company which produces a range of artisan hard cheeses is looking for wrapping technology to enhance its packaging process. They require a wrapping machine with not too big a footprint, which will speed up their existing process, ensure a shelf life of at least 10 weeks for the cheese wedges and retain the artisan appearance of the packaged product. They are seeking industrial partners for a technical co-operation agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance. REQUEST ref. TRUK20160219001

A Spanish company has developed a soft gelatin capsule containing chemically stable oil composed of Omega 5, Coenzyme Q10 and a mixture of tocopherols. The source of Omega 5 in the product is pomegranate seed oil. The product and the method to obtain it are under patent protection. The company is seeking industrial partners to reach license agreements. OFFER ref. TOES20140529001


A Greek university laboratory of inorganic chemistry, which is active in insulin mimetic activity, is looking for partners to set up a proposal regarding the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of novel metallodrugs exhibiting insulinomimetic activity. They are looking for a research institute with expertise in metabolic syndrome research in order to submit a proposal to the call H2020-SC1-PM-09–2016: New therapies for chronic diseases. REQUEST ref. RDGR20150916002

A UK based university is preparing an application to the BIOTEC-06-2017 topic and is looking for at least three industrial partners with expertise relating to the production of high value chemicals from microbial organisms. This could include platform cell factories, fine chemicals, bioinformatics, systems biology, synthetic biology and others detailed below. The project aims to increase the productivity of fine chemical production using e.coli, clostridium or corynebacterium cell factories. REQUEST ref. RDUK20151022001


A Spanish research Group with a wide information and communication technology (ICT) industry collaboration experience at Embedded Electronic Systems for e-Health sectors, has developed and designed a new Augmented Reality Vision system for embedded systems. It is guided by pointing gesture recognition and is focused on e-health and medical sector operation. Group is offering a knowledge transfer and project collaboration of the mentioned system to set up a technological cooperation agreement OFFER ref. TOES20151228003

An Austrian company active in the area of artistic entertainment and marketing is looking for partners with technical, mathematical and programming skills to develop a “free viewpoint video” capture system with a scalable number of low cost RGB and/or RGB-D sensors. This product can be used in a variety of cases for Virtual and Mixed Reality applications. All types of partners without geographical restrictions will be considered, especially technical and research cooperations. REQUEST ref. TRAT20160218001

A Dutch SME specializes in the development and production of antenna technology. The SME offers integrated microwave photonic antenna technology to enable the next generation (5G) of robust high speed broadband communication. Demonstrators of on-chip integrated ultra-flat dynamic antenna arrays, capable of maintaining connection with satellites at high speeds, are available. The Dutch SME looks for commercial agreements with technical assistance or joint ventures with telecom system integrators. OFFER ref. TONL20150223002


An Austrian SME developed a modular fermentation technology to produce energy from solid biowaste. The simple plug&use system allows farmers and communal waste collectors to refine the waste directly on site. The gained thermal energy can be directly used for drying processes while excess electric energy fed back to the grid. The company is looking for partners to aquire the plant and receive trainings and support in a commercial agreement with technical assistance. OFFER ref. TOAT20150715001


A Swiss university developed a technology to modify plant vitamin production pathways to accumulate vitamin E and K or their pro-vitamins in easily extractable cell compartments. Partners interested to develop commercial products containing vitamins, in particular manufacturers of healthcare and beauty products are sought for technological or research cooperation. They should have the capacity to validate the method for e.g. dermatological products, neutraceuticals and to scale-up the method. OFFER ref. TOCH20160202001

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