Opportunités de partenariats commerciaux & technologiques - Déc - Janvier 2016

Le 21 décembre 2015 par Anne LESEUR, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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Le réseau EEN est un puissant réseau d'opportunités d'affaires européen. Pour retrouver toutes les annonces :


Opportunités Commerciales / partenariats technologiques : si une annonce vous intéresse contactez carole.taffut@bretagne.cci.fr – tél. 02 99 25 07 96

Opportunités Commerciales EEN :


A Serbian company engaged in export, import, wholesale and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables offers to act as the distributor for these products on the Serbian market. The company is looking for partners who want to export products on the Serbian market. REQUEST ref. BRRS20141014001

A Spanish wine producer located in Mallorca is offering his wine to distributors and commercial agent in Europe, which could help the Spanish company introduce its products into their respective local markets. OFFER ref. BOES20151110001

A Taiwanese commercial agent is looking for European chocolate suppliers and organic food providers. The Taiwanese agent/importer, who has extensive experience in distribution of various imported natural/organic products, including extra virgin olive oil, organic herbal tea, and wine, is seeking European chocolate and organic food suppliers or manufacturers to sign a commercial agency agreement with.
REQUEST ref. BRTW20151123001

A Greek company from the island of Crete is specialized in the production, labeling, and bottling of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Moreover they produce gourmet dressings in innovative individual packages made with olive oil vinegar and lemon juice. The company is offering its products to distributors and importers of olive oil from: USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden and France. OFFER ref. BOGR20151109001:


A Turkish company specialized in energy, food processing and food machinery sector is offering its service as a distributor. The company also distributes the food machines such as; food processing and food safety machinery, vegetable-fruit processing lines, multihead weigher, packaging machines, checkweigher, metal detector, X-Ray, case sealing, camera based sorting and quality control machines. The company desires to expand its product portfolio. REQUEST ref. BRTR20140724001

A Polish company experienced in providing hygiene maintenance solutions to all branches of the food industry would like to cooperate with companies wishing to improve hygiene maintenance in their production facilities under a services agreement. The company is also looking for commercial agents in order to promote their products and expand their client portfolio. OFFER ref. BOPL20151104001


Swedish company has designed a mask in silicon to reduce wrinkles and bags under the eyes and is looking for a manufacturer in Europe working with prototypes and products in silicon. The aim is to find a reliable manufacturing partner to develop the product and further on produce the final product in small series. REQUEST ref. BRSE20150827001

A small Danish company has developed a revolutionary unisex shaving foam which prevents razor bumps and ingrown hair. The product is body friendly without any perfume, parabens or colourants and has been patented. The Danish company is looking for producers which can supply 100 ml and 200 ml white polyethylene bottles with a foamer pump under a manufacturing agreement. The bottles should have a diameter of approximately 48 mm, and a wide filling hole.
REQUEST ref. BRDK20151113001


A globally recognised UK medical equipment reseller is increasing its European activity and offers its commercial agency services to public and private hospitals, medical equipment leasing companies and medical equipment manufacturers from Spain, France and Germany. The UK company seeks to act under a commission structured commercial agency agreement.REQUEST ref. BRUK20150803001

An experienced Czech company specialized in import and distribution services of medical materials, devices and aids, offers itself as a distributor in the medical sector. This company runs two e-shops with medical items and employs several capable and reliable sales representatives covering the whole territory of the Czech Republic. The partner should be a manufacturer or a supplier of innovative and unique medical health products that comply with all European safety standards and legislation.
REQUEST ref. BRCZ20140828001

A Polish company offers disposable medical dishes such as kidney dish, male urine bottle and bowl for washing the patient. The company uses cellulose pulp in the production process. The dishes are dedicated to use at medical and nursing entities. According to individual needs the company is able to manufacture any other open shape. The company would like to establish a long-term cooperation through the means of a distribution service agreement and is also interested in being a subcontractor.
OFFER ref. BOPL20140330001


A Latvian company is specialized in textile (natural linen, silk, cotton, wool) and produces high quality design home textile products (napkins, tablecloths, curtains, rugs, etc.) and clothing from linen and cotton. The company is looking for their product distributors in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Japan.
OFFER ref. BOLV20151022001

A Serbian company is specialized in the production of work clothes. It produces a wide range of work clothes such as coats, coveralls, pilot suits and other work uniforms for all types of business in all colors and sizes made of top quality diolen and cotton fabrics. According to partner's order work suits can have a desired logo in the form of printing and embroidery. The company is willing to expand their business abroad, and looking for experienced distributors of work clothes and also is offering sewing services as subcontractor for foreign partners. The company can provide all kinds of sewing services and has good sewing capacities. OFFER ref. BORS20140331003


A Hungarian company specialised in providing IT solutions and services is looking for subcontractors for adaptation of a software in Romania and in other European countries. The company is dealing with document managing and processing systems, public place and parking management systems (GPS based), retail trade and stocking management systems with invoicing and barcode identification modules. The ideal partner should have experience in adaptation of different types of softwares (like invoicing, barcode identification, stocking management softwares etc.) on the basis of the requirements of the local markets and local companies.
REQUEST ref. BRHU20141031001

Greek retailer specialised in the trade of digital technology products (computers, smartphones, tablets, accessories and spare parts) and amateur radio with 10 years' experience is looking for new suppliers in Europe. The company which has both physical and online presence aims to be more competitive by enlarging its product range through a distribution services agreement. REQUEST ref. BRGR20150729001

Opportunités Technologiques EEN :


A Singapore company in the food and beverage industry is looking for affordable labels for food packaging that can indicate if the contents of the food items are safe for consumption, such as by means of time detection or detecting if they are exposed to external air. The company is keen on the following partnerships with an SME that can offer a suitable technology and to cooperate to expand into the Asian markets together: Joint Venture, Technical co-operation or Licensing. REQUEST ref. TRSG20151103001

A Spanish public research organization has developed a process for obtaining a polymeric proanthocyanidins concentrate by enzymatic treatments without using organic solvents. This concentrate, biologically active, can be used as functional food ingredient, food supplement and is useful for cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations. Commercial partners are sought to apply this technology under a patent licence. OFFER ref. TOES20151005008


A Swiss biotech company identified a family of promising compounds for the development of multiple sclerosis therapeutics. The lead compound is a novel, selective and potent CXCR7 modulator. The company is seeking industry and academia partners to apply for Eurostars funding to further develop the compounds. The partners should have an in vitro model of myelination suitable to screen the best compounds and the know-how to test the lead compound in different multiple sclerosis in vivo models.
REQUEST ref. RDCH20151118001

A research institute from Latvia offers an invention that relates to amyloidal fibril protein determination. Fibril protein aggregates is determined by using fluorescent probes, which titrates the researched substance, records fluorescence spectrum, creates probe and protein aggregate commitment isotherms and performs spectral data mathematical processing. Institute is looking for commercial agreement and further development and application of invention. OFFER ref. TOLV20150805002

An Austrian company developed an innovative technology for the production of oxygen with a high purity grade (greater than 99.5%). Due to this fact it is optimal for medical application. The production line is an onsite manufacturing facility where oxygen is separated from ambient air in a special process. The company is looking for partners from the mechanical engineering sector to launch serial production and distribution. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are also sought.
OFFER ref. TOAT20151201001

High levels of cholesterol in the blood increase the risk of heart disease and stroke and 39% of the world’s population have raised levels according to the World Health Organisation. Space research by the  European Space Agency (ESA) has found a bacterium (ezCOL) that can reduce cholesterol by half. A Dutch spin-off SME from ESA is now looking for food producers and pharmaceutical companies active in nutraceuticals or drug development to license the new technology.
OFFER ref. TONL20151104001


Italian company, active in the communication and security field, seeks partners to join its H2020 project proposal under the call: IoT-01-2016. The project goal is to develop a reliable, continuous monitoring solution for hospitalized patients, based on a healthcare wireless sensor network relying on a small wearable device. Partners are sought in the ICT field, electronics and mechanical sectors; end users (hospitals, medical centers, clinics and surgeries) and universities are also sought. REQUEST ref. RDIT20151119002

An East of England company has launched a service for WiFi network owners. It is a white label mobile advertising solution that allows the company work with its advertisers in a closed community. The other difference is the profiling of all the adverts and the consumers signing up so that only relevant ones will be matched. The network owner can much more easily earn back their costs. End users are sought in retail and elsewhere for licensing and commercial agreements with technical assistance.
OFFER ref. TOUK20151117001


Italian SME, located in the North West of Italy, operating since 1988 as producer of secondary aluminum alloys for foundries is looking for industrial partners or research and technology developers in order to establish technology cooperation agreements in the of field energy efficient solution for aluminum regeneration process form waste. The partner sought should establish a technology cooperation to design, develop and test a post-combustion chamber to optimize energy efficiency in aluminum refinement process. REQUEST ref. TRIT20151118001

A German expert for composites has developed a protection multilayer system for composite structures to avoid material damage by osmotic effects. The implementation of the layer(s) can be easily integrated in the production process and applied for manifold applications like ship building, wind energy, aerospace and aerodynamic structures in general. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are envisaged. OFFER ref. TODE20150922004

A Korean government funded research institute engaging in electronics and ICT-related R&D is preparing a project proposal under the EUREKA project. The purpose of the project is to research and develop eco-friendly composites utilizing cellulose based nano fibre. The institute is looking for a partner in the likes of cellulose fibre fabrication especially regarding NFC (nano fibrillated cellulose) to collaborate with each other. The proposal submission deadline is at the end of March, 2016.
REQUEST ref. RDKR20150902001


A Ukrainian food company specialized in milk, sour cream, butter production and other milk products is seeking for technology on using a biomass heating systems and investments for biomass heating systems installation. The main company’s objective is to reduce natural gas consumption for steam production to improve plant’s resource efficiency. The company is looking for technology owners, business partners for cooperation or joint company foundation, investors. REQUEST ref. TRUA20150812003

A Macedonian researcher has developed an improved filter for nitrates’ removal from the different types of contaminated waters including the drinking water. Better purification efficiency is achieved through the utilization of a cryophilic anaerobic process that does not require additional use of electrical or thermal energy. The researcher is looking for industrial, engineering or research partners from the field of waste water treatment interested in licensing or technical agreement.
OFFER ref. TOMK20141204001

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