Opportunités de partenariats commerciaux & technologiques - Sept Oct 2015

Le 06 octobre 2015 par Anne LESEUR, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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Le réseau EEN est un puissant réseau d'opportunités d'affaires européen. Pour retrouver toutes les annonces :


Opportunités Commerciales / partenariats technologiques : si une annonce vous intéresse contactez carole.taffut@bretagne.cci.fr – tél. 02 99 25 07 96

Opportunités Commerciales EEN :


A Dutch company has a well-established market position in The Netherlands in the high quality food sector. They are interested in contacts with potential partners that can manufacture high quality food products that fit in their concepts. They seek authentic healthy-snacks to complement its existing product range. The Dutch company is in the position to negotiate different kinds of commercial distribution agreements.
REQUEST ref. BRNL20150626001

A Danish import and wholesale company that specializes in organic foods is looking for producers of organic dry food, raw materials, tofu (bean curd) and other products which act as meat substitutes. The company offers to act as distributor on the Danish market.
REQUEST ref. BRDK20150812001

A Portuguese SME with experience in the distribution of food products, delicatessen and beverages for the HORECA channel (hotels, restaurants & catering), supermarkets and gourmet stores is looking for manufacturers and whole sellers interested in offering their products in the Portuguese market. The company is offering trade intermediary services.
REQUEST ref. BRPT20150129001


A UK SME is seeking automated apple pressing machinery. This highly successful UK family business was established over 40 years ago to supply apples. They grow their own apples as well as sourcing apples from local growers. The company is now diversifying and involving the business in cider production. They now seek a partner to supply new apple pressing machinery. An outsourcing agreement would be ideal for the main apple pressing equipment and any associated machinery. A services agreement would cover maintenance and on-going advice.
REQUEST ref. BRUK20150223001


A Serbian company engaged in the import and distribution of the cosmetic products offers trade intermediate services of these products on the Serbian market. The company supplies a wide range of customers: perfumeries, cosmetic stores, pharmacies, hairdressers, beauty shops and supermarkets.
REQUEST ref. BRRS20140827001


An Italian company specialized in the production and distribution of medical dental devices (production of dental milling machines, selling of dental software) is looking for dealers, installers of medical numerical control machines, medical and dental equipment dealers in European countries. The main advantage of this newly founded company is a wide experience in the production of software and implants for the dental sector.
OFFER ref. BOIT20140806002

A German SME offers support from idea to a certified medical device in the field of surgery, therapy and diagnostics. With more than 20 years of experience they offer cost and time optimized product development. The owner-managed company looks for industrial/academic partners in the field of medical technologies for subcontracting, manufacturing and/or services agreement.
OFFER ref. BODE20150714001


A UK producer of natural non-woven fibre seeks other manufacturers to meet demand from the automotive and construction industries. Patent protected, the current factory has developed the quality processes and a range of products resulting in increasing sales. Capacity needs to increase so financial, manufacturing or licensing agreements are offered to manufacturing companies who might be in felt, textiles or cotton to develop new revenue streams or to those wishing to set up new operations.
OFFER ref. BOUK20150821002

A South Korean manufacturer of polyester textiles and scarves is looking for agents/distributors in Europe. Their technique in textile production together with 30 years of experience in the textile industry has allowed them to grow and expand into overseas markets. The desired partner is an agent/distributor with proven experience of doing business in the textile sector. Partners with network channels in the textile market will be preferred.
OFFER ref. BOKR20150616008


A Finnish SME has developed a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool for strategy execution and reporting. The product is launched in Finnish market and the company has started export to first foreign markets. The company is looking for partners like business intelligence consultants or strategy execution consultants to distribute the product in Europe.
OFFER ref. BOFI20150622001

A Belgian information and communications technologies (ICT) company has developed a fully featured a solution of registration management for visitors at the reception desks of companies and organizations. They are currently looking for commercial agents and distribution partners in Europe and beyond.
OFFER ref. BOBE20150814001


A London SME is looking for suppliers of plastic bottles and pumps and glass jars and lids for packaging of its cosmetic skincare products. Specifically, foam pump bottles are desired. The packaging must be free from phthalates, bisphenol-A and PVC.
REQUEST ref. BRUK20150715003

Opportunités Technologiques EEN :


A Russian SME specialized in industrial biotechnology is looking for an authentic technology for the fabrication of a soft cheese of "French" type: Camembert, Brie, Coulommiers for the manufacturing of those products in Russia and approaching the regional market. The company is searching for industrial partners experienced in the production of such sorts of cheese and technology transfer for commercial agreement with technical assistance or joint venture agreement.
REQUEST ref. TRRU20150324001

Polish scientists have developed an innovative method of immobilization and encapsulation of bioactive materials. The offered technology is ideal for food industry as a natural, pro-environmental way of preservation. It is 100% checked, tested, confirmed and fully functioning. The researchers are looking for companies involved in food sector interested in buying a license and R&D institutions for establishing technical cooperation.
OFFER ref. TOPL20150708001

A dairy from Latvia is looking for technology to split cottage-cheese mass into equal balls which are gently processed with different spices afterwards. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.
REQUEST ref. TRLV20150619001


A Swedish university research group is involved in a consortium for applying to Horizon 2020 FET-Open research. The project concerns intelligent and adaptive exoskeletons, for supporting people performing complex and heavy work related tasks. The application is to be submitted before cut-off date September 30th. The group is looking for a research oriented group, from academia or R&D institute, working on actuators and textiles for flexible exoskeletons.
REQUEST ref. RDSE20150624001

A Turkish company has developed a new product which ensures simple, low-cost, effective and multi-functional biopsy based on a compact needle and a smart syringe. By means of the system both tru-cut and aspiration biopsy can be applied at the same time. The company is looking for industrial partners working with biopsies interested in financing, licensing and technical cooperation agreements.
OFFER ref. TOTR20150615001

Spanish health research institute has obtained new voltage-dependent calcium channel antagonist compounds, useful for the control of cell calcium levels in neurons, as these compounds can regulate the calcium overload described in several pathologies of the nervous system (Alzheimer, Parkinson, Amyothrophyc Lateral Esclerosis, Stroke, Pain and Epilepsia). They are looking for biopharmaceutical companies for license or joint venture agreement.
OFFER ref. TOES20150811001


A Greek research Centre is looking for additional partners in order to submit a proposal under the H2020-GV-8-2015 topic. The aim of the project is to develop an electronic power system for electric vehicles (EVs) that will optimize charging performance (super-fast charging) and will support communication between an enhanced BMS (Battery Management System) and electric vehicles. The partners sought are ICT and battery experts as well as enterprises for testing the system in a real environment.
REQUEST ref. RDGR20150616001

A Korean SME has developed a cloud management solution which can virtually operate and manage the ICT Infrastructure in the cloud environment. This technology provides optimized credible operation and management system for various IT service. This solution follows the international standards and guarantees the expandability. The company is looking for a partner for licensing agreement and technical cooperation.
OFFER ref. TOKR20150211002

A Swedish university spin-off company active in agile software development to a global market, specializing in media asset management (MAM), open source solutions, and interaction design is now looking for software for recognition of patterns on distorted surfaces, that can be included in their MAM-tools with existing metadata extraction battery. Technical, license and commercial cooperation with academia and/or companies in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry is sought.
REQUEST ref. TRSE20141022001


A Korean government funded research institute engaging in electronics and ICT-related R&D is preparing a project proposal under the M-era Net. The purpose of the project is to research and develop eco-friendly composites utilizing cellulose based nano fiber. The institute is looking for a partner in the likes of cellulose fiber fabrication especially regarding NFC (nano fibrillated cellulose) to collaborate with each other. The pre-proposal submission should be done by June 9th, 2016.
REQUEST ref. RDKR20150506002


An Italian network composed by a national farmers’ association, a research team and an entrepreneurial association is evaluating innovative and low cost systems to reduce ammonia emission in air and water and/or digestate and reuse it. It is looking for research collaboration in this field with companies or research centers.
REQUEST ref. TRIT20141210001

An Irish water treatment company is seeking licensees in the water treatment sector for its novel technology for the removal and recovery of phosphorous from wastewater streams.  The treatment achieves levels of below 0.03 milligrams per litre. The trialled and tested technology uses a specifically tailored synthetic filter media to remove the phosphorous from the waste stream. The process is viewed as competitive from both technical and commercial viewpoints.
OFFER ref. TOIE20140715002

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