Opportunités de partenariats commerciaux & technologiques - Juin 2015

Le 16 juin 2015 par Anne LESEUR, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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Le réseau EEN est un puissant réseau d'opportunités d'affaires européen. Pour retrouver toutes les annonces :


Opportunités Commerciales / partenariats technologiques : si une annonce vous intéresse contactez carole.taffut@bretagne.cci.fr – tél. 02 99 25 07 96

Opportunités Commerciales EEN :


A Spanish livestock company specialised in working with high quality beef meat as distributor and manufacturer, is looking for meat providers such as slaughterhouses and meat cutting rooms willing to supply the company with high quality meat to increase the range of products. The company, situated in the Basque Country, would like to establish commercial agreements with these suppliers. The providers are sought in The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland and France.

REQUEST ref. BRES20140530001

A SME from North-East Poland actively operating in the food packaging industry is offering the subcontracting/outsourcing for confectionary producers (especially chocolate and/or pralines). The company offers packaging services made by the qualified and specially-trained workers. The SME is looking for cooperation with Western European chocolate producers and other firms in the food industry in the form of outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.

OFFER ref. BOPL20141222004

A Czech company selling mainly dairy products, smoked meats and sausages is looking for new producers or suppliers to extend its portfolio of products. The company demands tuna fish, sea fish and smoked meat products with minimum meat content 85 per cent. Suppliers are preferably sought from Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy and Croatia.

REQUEST ref. BRCZ20150213001


A small Polish company from Lower Silesia region produces and sells natural bioactive fish-based (salmon skin) collagen which can be applied for the skin on the whole body, especially face. The company looks for the partners who would be interested to use their collagen for further production of their cosmetics or to distribute it (service agreement, distribution service agreement). The company especially looks for production companies that use natural active collagen in their products.

OFFER ref. BOPL20130628012

A Finnish inventor of a unique and simple touch based product identification system is looking for a company that would take the invention into commercial use in their products. The sought company would be ideally in cosmetics or packaging manufacturing industry. The identification system has a certification of the registration of a utility model right, granted by the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland.

OFFER ref. BOFI20150407001


A Lithuanian company specialized in manufacturing and trade of orthopaedic items (splits, corsets, footwear inserts, orthopaedic footwear and inserts, limb prosthetics, occupational therapy, care measures) is offering trade intermediary services. The company is interested in high quality orthopaedic textile and plastic items (knee, hand splits, corsets, footwear inserts, orthopaedic footwear and inserts). The firm closely cooperates with local hospitals and rehabilitation institutions and has its branches in all Lithuania.

REQUEST ref. BRLT20140604001


A UK SME has developed health care options with innovative applications which connect existing healthcare systems. Smart hand-held devices enable access to patient information at point of care. This software interface tool can support any type of care package which is customised according to specific needs and future changes. An experienced ICT partner is now sought to commercialise this M-Health Software.

OFFER ref. BOUK20131114002

An innovative Italian ICT company has developed an advanced IT platform for marine antipollution, prevention & emergency management. The platform was developed according to the standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), and National and Mediterranean regulations. Partners with issues in polluted sites & water, are sought for commercial agreements, service agreements and license agreements.

OFFER ref. BOIT20140610005

A UK company specialised in cloud based software solutions has developed an innovative, award winning web application that enhances the user experience of staff with visual impairments, dyslexia or literacy issues. The company is looking for a Distribution Services Agreement with potential partners, likely to be ICT resellers and/or distributors and/or agents.

OFFER ref. BOUK20130718005


The UK branch of an international automation company is seeking new ways to diversify paper cutting systems into multi-substrate ones. Components and systems are sought that can cut versatile substrates including cardboard, polymers and textiles. The type of collaboration will depend on the structure of the procurement. It may include an acquisition, financial or services agreement.

REQUEST ref. BRUK20150514001

A Bulgarian company, willing to start a new business, is looking for producers of machines for manufacture of the so called "bag-in-box" packaging that consists of an inner foil tube, situated in a corrugated cardboard container with tap. The company is looking for manufacturing agreement.

REQUEST ref. BRBG20141208002

Opportunités Technologiques EEN :


A Serbian company is looking for rectification technology for purification of fruit brandies, in purpose to accomplish a maximum organoleptic beverage quality. The company seeks business partners in order to establish a manufacturing agreement. REQUEST ref. TRRS20141229001

A Brussels-based (Belgian) start-up operating in the catering services looks for a sustainable packaging solution which takes into account the environmental impact throughout its whole lifecycle. The start-up is open to different technical solutions developed with plant-based materials, paper, paperboard, etc. Aluminum and PVC are not accepted. The company looks for technical cooperation or commercial agreement with technical assistance with producers or suppliers of food sustainable packaging.
REQUEST ref. TRBE20150225001

A Dutch company has a leading position in food research and meat replacers and has successfully developed a technology to produce fibrillar structures from vegetable proteins (pea proteins). The proposed technology is ready to be implemented into new tasty meat replacers that also deliver the required bite experience. Food companies producing meat replacers or that want to develop a meat replacer with this vegetable protein are sought for technical cooperation projects.
OFFER ref. TONL20150130001

A German biotech company is looking for new bioactive compounds of plant origin in order to co-develop and/or in-license bioactive food supplements for metabolic and mental performance. The company is looking for common development and in-licensing agreements with pharmaceuticals companies, biotech companies or R&D institutes.
REQUEST ref. TRDE20140917001


A Southern Spanish technology based enterprise active in the area of remote patient monitoring solutions is very interested in getting in contact with providers of novel wireless medical sensors. Companies interested should provide not only the sensor but also technical support for the integration in the technology developed by the Spanish requester. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.
REQUEST ref. TRES20140209001

A Czech university research team discovered and evaluated casein kinase 1 (CK1) inhibitors as a basis for new generation of drugs for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) therapy. Advantages over conventional therapies include affecting signaling pathways between leukemic cells and their microenvironment in a unique novel way. Pharmaceutical companies interested in patent license are sought for. Joint venture agreement is also offered to potential investors (companies or legal persons).
OFFER ref. TOCZ20150326001


The UK branch of an international developer of coating solutions is seeking novel ways to improve the adhesion of acrylic on cotton and polyester textile. Physical and chemical solutions are sought but also assistance with research into the problem. The type of collaboration with academic and industrial parties from textile coating related fields will depend on the stage of development. It may include commercial agreement with technical assistance, licensing, technical cooperation.
REQUEST ref. TRUK20150508001


The project proposal was primarily addressed to the H2020 Call ICT-2 related to the pillar of industrial leadership on Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure of the Future Internet. A German SME operating in the field of ICT is now seeking partners to take over key tasks regarding Future Internet Appliances Test Bed Implementation for the call DS-2015-1: the project proposal aims at optimizing the exploitation of the information flows generated by software-driven Networks (SDN).
REQUEST ref. RDDE20140818001


An Italian SME is looking for industrial partners to establish joint venture agreement for the realisation of smart rail freight wagons. They should be part of the integrated ICT system the company is developing, following a novel approach for wagons' dispatching, formation of trains and the optimised usage of railway paths.
REQUEST ref. TRIT20141203001


An Italian network composed of national farmers’ association, a research team and an entrepreneurial association is evaluating innovative and low cost systems to reduce ammonia emission in air and water and/or digestate and reuse it. It is looking for research collaboration in this field with companies or research centers.
REQUEST ref. TRIT20141210001

A Slovenian faculty is going to submit a project proposal to the call H2020-FTIPilot-2015-1. The project objective is to design a bio-inspired industrial hemp production plant with innovative elements and the exploitation of the entire hemp plant with the differentiation of the assortment of the hemp products for gaining the optimum in technical, economic and environmental terms. Industrial partner and first time applicant are requested to test the production plant and validate the technology.
REQUEST ref. RDSI20150305001

A Spanish university developed a micropollutant removal system for waste-water treatment plants. It consists in using lignolytic enzymes combined with nanofiltration/ultrafiltration ceramic membrane to retain the enzyme in the system. It’s aimed to be used in plants treating pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, flame retardants, hormones or other industrial chemicals. The university is interested in a license agreement with waste-water treatment companies specialized in industrial chemicals.
OFFER ref. TOES20150312001

A Romanian innovative SME has developed an ecological filter for water treatment, a device that transforms water contaminated with particulate matter and harmful elements into tap drinking water. The filter material is a zeolite material from Romania. Industrial partners, interested in licensing and production, are sought.
OFFER ref. TORO20140214001




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