Matrix forgings offer - WTC Poznan member

Le 17 avril 2014 par Grâce KOLLER, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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" Our company mainly produces matrix forgings. Due to a wide range of production possibilities and to the long-time experience, we are able to adjust our offer taking account of the optimal forging method (hammer, press, forging machine, etc.) or an appropriate alternative type of batch material and thereby offer products at very attractive prices. The forgings we produce are used mainly in machine, railway, mining industries and in power engineering, automotive or farming machine industries. The overall dimensions of products produced by us range from 0.20 kg to 70.0 kg, diameters to 400 mm max and length to 900 mm. There is a possibility to produce forgings as preprepared i.e. with mechanical treatment i.e. turning, milling, drilling etc.

The production is prepared earlier. This allows us to sell from our warehouse. Such a system guarantees a timely delivery to recipients and thereby the liquidity of their production.


We invite for cooperation producers of agriculture machinery, hydraulic cylinders, spare parts, steel processing companies."


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