Le 17 avril 2014 par Grâce KOLLER, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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Since it was founded, MEDRIA has created a revolution in livestock breeding by developing the first platform of services for monitoring and early detection of reproduction events and health disorders in animals.

In 2007 they launched the Vel'Phone for the detection of calving; Their offer was enhanced with the HeatPhone in 2010 for oestrus detection and DWS designed to enable the farmer to have an overall view of the data gathered from his animals on the Internet, and to support his analysis of the most difficult situations.


In 2013 the SmartPhone application SmartDWS became available for Iphone and Android giving the farmer an opportunity to consult his animals data on his SmartPhone. In the course 2014, 2 new services will be launched on this platform adding dectection of health disorders and feeding performance control.


MEDRIA is an independent SME based in Chateaugiron and has a work force of   40. The company realises a turnover of approx 4 M€ with a significant increase in the export market over the past 2 years, mainly in western Europe and with a few clients in north and south America.


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