Opportunities of commercial and technological partnerships - April, 2014

Le 09 avril 2014 par Grâce KOLLER, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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The EEN network is a powerful European network of business opportunities.


Commercial opportunities EEN: If an announcement interest you, contact guillaume.lesaige@bretagne.cci.fr – Call: 02 99 25 41 57



Commercial opportunities EEN


Belgian engineering company that is mainly active in the food sector is looking to expand its activities with selling machinery for the food sector. More specifically, they want to sell machinery for the chocolate bakery and candy industry. This company is offering its services as a distributor.REQUEST ref. 20101109014

A Belgian import-export company is specialized in frozen foods and the supply of dehydrated ingredients. They offer their services as a distributor; they are looking for new frozen food products to extend their product range. REQUEST ref. 20121214004 BR

An Icelandic SME manufactures natural sweetening products containing no calories or carbohydrates, providing a healthy substitute to sugar. They produce sweet drops, tablets and traditional granulated sweetener made from organic leaves of the South American herb stevia. The natural sweet taste is extracted with only pure water. The products can be used by diabetics and in almost any food recipe. The Icelandic company is looking for commercial agreement with trade intermediaries in Europe. OFFER ref. BOIS20140121001



A Dutch company is specialized in fish friendly solutions for water pumps in waterways and water turbines for electricity production. The fish siphon system was developed as an additional product and enables passage of fish at places where the natural migration is blocked by levees or other infrastructure. The company has a track record in the Netherlands and is now looking internationally for contacts with companies that are interested to act as an agent for the fish siphon system. OFFER ref. BONL20131013002

Hungarian manufactory is looking for partners, who produce supplementary products - e.g. glassware, glass objects, table cloth, cutlery, table decoration, etc. - to add them to the manufactory’s own portfolio, to supply added value to the customer, and to merchandise all these products under the manufactory’s brand. REQUEST ref. BRHU20131016001



A German SME, with main activity in the treatment of sludge oils, used oils, oil/water-emulsions and oily water offers trade intermediary services for products complementing their own product range (e.g. products with regard to recycling, water treatment). The company is looking for partners to be their representative and to distribute their technologies & components. In return the cooperation partner could be the representative for the company in the according country. REQUEST ref. BRDE20140305001

A German coaching company managed by a doctor, specialized in emergency medical aid, developed a first aid concept for on- and offshore-wind farms, that qualifies the technicians, who maintain the wind generators, to render first aid in case of work accidents. The company is looking for partners to conclude distribution services agreements, joint venture agreements or services agreements. REQUEST ref. BODE20140217002



UK Company is offering its programming services to European games and apps developers so they can produce innovative and cost effective technology, games and apps across different platforms. OFFER ref. BOUK20140304005

A Hungarian SME specialized in developing and distributing an innovative service package for health protection would like to find interested business partners to share the innovative products via license agreements. OFFER ref. BOHU20140312002


Technological opportunities EEN: If an announcement interest you, contact carole.taffut@bretagne.cci.fr – Call: 02 99 25 41 57



Researchers from a Turkish university focused on the determination of the optimum process conditions and optimum composition of wall materials to obtain microencapsulated extra virgin olive oil powder. The researchers are interested in license agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance. OFFER ref. TOTR20131224001


A Belgian spin-off specialized in food safety & quality, has developed a meta-genomics approach applied to food products. This rapid analytical method is able to identify in one analysis the most of the micro-organisms present in food products. The company is looking for technical agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance. OFFER ref. 12 BE 0324 3QZ0


A highly experienced Italian research center located in Northern Italy is looking for partners interested in creating a new consortium. The project idea aims to evaluate the conversion of wastes into a high sustainable protein feed for fish and poultry nutrition, bringing environmentally friendly solutions for the supply of feeds for livestock species and for the future sustainable development of animal husbandry. REQUEST ref. RDIT20131209001


A Swedish innovative company has discovered an active, natural food ingredient that gives a boost of cognitive functions including memory and focus. The functions are scientifically proven in preclinical and clinical studies and the ingredient may easily be added to food and beverage products. The company is looking for industrial and/or financial partners, interested in licensing joint development of products to fulfill regulatory requirements and perform clinical studies, Patent is pending. OFFER ref. TOSE20131219001



A Spanish company commercializes online and offline sensors and biosensors in Spain and Latin America. This company is looking for new biosensors with high added value for the control of industrial processes in the wine sector, food industry and environmental monitoring (water, air emissions). The company is interested in license agreements and joint further development agreements for the use and exploitation of new biosensors. REQUEST ref. 13 ES 29G7 3SM2


An Italian SME, working with national research council researchers, has developed an environmentally-friendly treatment method which increases wood’s durability and resistance to decay (from rain, insects and fungi), enriching its color and improving its thermal insulation properties. The process affects the entire mass of the wood, not just the surface, and has been applied to various kinds of wood. The company is open to different kinds of collaboration for its patent-pending technology. OFFER ref. 12 IT 55X2 3R6M


A German SME would like to submit an Eurostars proposal and is looking for a fashion school and a textile producer to complete the consortium. This project aims to provide a new service for individuals to become a successful fashion designer on an Internet marketplace for sustainable wear. These individuals – preferably with an education from a fashion school – can design new styles without having to think about production and marketing as these aspects are provided by the platform. REQUEST ref. RDDE20140305001


A SME from Northern Sweden has developed a unique new textile composite material that can be designed and produced as underwear. It gives you similar floating capacity as heavy float overalls. The textile is smooth, comfortable and effectively breathing out moisture. Different products have been tested with very good results. Applications are found in all activities where a risk of getting into the water is present (boating, fishing, snowmobile etc.).The company is seeking partners for implementation. OFFER ref. 11 SE 67CG 3MJU



An Austrian research institution is looking for two companies to join their consortium for the Horizon 2020 ICT-23-2014 call. In order to establish low-cost robotic solutions, the project addresses the enhanced integration of novel components in mechanical parts. Manufacturers of electric small drives and developers of sensors are sought. REQUEST ref. RDAT20140314001


A southern Spanish technology based enterprise active in the area  of remote patient monitoring solutions is very interested in getting in contact with providers of novel wireless medical sensors. Companies interested should provide not only the sensor but also technical support for the integration in the technology developed by the Spanish requester. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought. REQUEST ref. TRES20140209001


A German SME, specialized in the production of ultra-high resolution photographs and images, is looking for an improved Viewer to display its images online. The software should provide the capability to display the so-called gigapixel images and allow for powerful zooming and rotational functions to show off the quality and depth of these images. The company is looking for a technical cooperation agreement. REQUEST ref. TRDE20140219001

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