Opportunities of commercial and technological partnerships - February, 2014

Le 12 février 2014 par Grâce KOLLER, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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The EEN network is a powerful European network of business opportunities.


Commercial opportunities EEN: If an announcement interest you, contact guillaume.lesaige@bretagne.cci.fr – Call: 02 99 25 41 57



Commercial opportunities EEN:


A Polish company dealing with import and export of frozen fish is looking for distribution services. OFFER: BOPL20131115001

A Greek association of frozen food companies is seeking to establish and promote contracts with foreign seafood suppliers (manufacturers, traders) through commercial agreements. They are also seeking to establish cooperations with similar foreign associations to promote each other's members and exchange information on the services and support provided to their members. REQUEST: 20130606030 BR

A Polish SME dealing with edible fats distribution is looking for rapeseed oil suppliers. Company is interested in manufacturing agreement. REQUEST: BRPL20131030002

An SME from Northern Sweden specialized in manufacturing and marketing products based on wild grown bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) are offering high quality residues from wild bilberries with high level of anthocyanin. They are willing to manufacture the product upon individual requests of research institutes or companies active in production and/or research of cosmetics, drugs, food supplements, etc. in EU and Asia. OFFER: BOSE20131111001


A German Trade Agent is specialized in the commercial representation of precision parts and applications made of various basic materials e.g. heavy welded components, castings, forging parts assemblies, steel and coils. He is looking for similar products in order to increase and to complete his product portfolio. OFFER: BRDE20131025001


Spanish homeopatic and cosmetic laboratory specialized in homeopathic complexes and phytocosmetics is looking for distributors of natural products. OFFER: BOES20131119004


A Swedish SME, supplying expertise within the areas Embedded systems and Digital signal processing, is seeking project partners for joint development projects and/or offers subcontracting to high-technology companies in the above mentioned areas. OFFER: 20130508003 BO



Technological opportunities EEN: If an announcement interest you, contact carole.taffut@bretagne.cci.fr – Call: 02 99 25 41 57


Technological opportunities EEN :


A UK company focused on the production of high-value bioactive ingredients for the healthcare and personal care markets is seeking companies involved in the processing of fruit to co-develop a new product. The aim is to develop health promoting ingredients to low-value by-products from apples/pears, such as pulp/pomace, via the company's unique process involving the use of algae and algal strains. They are interested in co-development and joint ventures, with possible engagement in H2020 bids. REQUEST: TRUK20140124001


A Turkish University has developed a robust, protein based nano-particle of controllable size via physical size reduction approach. The manufactured cross-linked proteins, manufactured via developed technology, are marked with different physico-chemical and performance traits, resulting in extended shelf-lives under operational conditions. The technology can be used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. The Turkish university seeks partners for signing license agreements. OFFER: TOTR20140114006

A Brussels-based multinational active in consumer goods aims at identifying new aesthetic approaches for liquid fabric care products (Laundry Detergent, Unit Dose, Fabric Enhancer). The company is open to different kinds of collaboration. REQUEST: TRBE20130925002


A Turkish woven fabric textile manufacturer seeks a technology which helps them to reduce their consumption of water and energy. The company wants to redesign their manufacturing process with a new technology for a more sustainable production.This textile /garment manufacturer is now looking for technical cooperation and a commercial agreement with technical assistance.The company is also interested in making manufacturing agreements. REQUEST: TRTR20131129001


London SME is a UK company specialized in image recognition. The main product is an App which acts as a museum guide for smartphones, capable of identifying the picture in front of you and providing all the information. It also provides indoor navigation within museum rooms. The App works offline. The SME is looking to partner with Museums, Public Institutions in the cultural heritage/creative industries area. OFFER: TOUK20130924001

A new start-up company from South Korea has developed a mobile game which can be played with multiple users. The genre of this game is social RPG (Role Playing Game). The game is about exploring the dungeon fighting against monsters. The game can be interlinked with social network service so that the players can invite their friends to play the games together. The games are operable at android and iOS version. The company is looking for a partner for licensing agreement. OFFER: TOKR20131127001


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