Opportunities of commercial and technological partnerships - January, 2014

Le 15 janvier 2014 par Grâce KOLLER, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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The EEN network is a powerful European network of business opportunities.


Contact: Carole TAFFUT carole.taffut@bretagne.cci.fr




Commercial opportunities EEN:


A Polish producer of high quality and great tasting Shiitake Mushrooms looks for distributors of fresh healthy food. OFFER: BOPL20131129002


An Israeli company specializes in design and manufacturing of plastic toys for children and household products. It is looking for distribution partners and is offering subcontracting services in the area of injection molding. OFFER: 20121231042 BO


A Russian company specialized in production of children's toys, Christmas decorations, glowing in the dark, and souvenirs, is looking for distributors. Products are illuminated because of the addition into plastic a pigment having the property to store light and radiate it in the dark. In the manufacture of toys the company applies its own developments. OFFER: BORU20131127005


This Latvian company was established in 2006 and it has expanded its production up to more than 300 products. The most popular company's products are: natural soap, body butter, body salt, sugar scrub, shampoos, shower gel, shower yogurt, body and facial masks, candles, design accessories. All products are ecological and hand-made. The company is seeking for distribution partners for long-term cooperation. OFFER: BOLV20131129003


A Belgian software publisher company having developed integrated multi-task management software driven by GIS interactive mapping is looking for trade partnership to distribute its products and services. OFFER : 20120508009 BO


Technological opportunities EEN :


Spanish company focused on producing aseptic fruit for industrial use; however, it also has IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) processing capability using cryogenic technology. The company is currently processing an average of 50.000 tons of fruit per year. They are searching for a company which has the solution to detect low density foreign particles like, for instance, wood pieces, plastic pieces or vegetal material. The company is interested in obtaining a technological cooperation agreement. REQUEST: TRES20131204002


A Spanish SME has a strong know-how to design and produce by injection/micro-injection specific plastic products more malleable and more eco-friendly dedicated to the Medical (human / veterinary) and Cosmetic sectors. The SME has ultra-modern production facilities and warrants precision manufacturing of high quality complex plastic parts. The SME is also a GMP design office that conducts studies, designs and produces moulds. Industries with specific needs for developing new plastic products are sought. OFFER: TOES20130920002


A Latvian NGO engaged in textile industry is looking for technology for mixed textile waste (polyamides, polyester, polyacryl, wool, hemp) recycling. The carding technology should be suitable for both, natural and synthetic yarns processing. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance. REQUEST: TRLV20131203004


Spanish ICT company has developed a new communication technology for mobile phone users, based on missed calls. It allows users to send and receive messages without a mobile data plan, avoiding SMS charges. This technology is particularly suitable for those countries in which mobile data plan is still not spread. The company is willing to explore different agreement possibilities such as licensing, technical cooperation and financial resources. OFFER: 13 ES 28F9 3RRK


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