Opportunities of commercial and technological partnerships - December, 2013

Le 11 décembre 2013 par Grâce KOLLER, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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The EEN network is a powerful European network of business opportunities.


Contact: Carole TAFFUT carole.taffut@bretagne.cci.fr



Commercial opportunities EEN:


An Armenian company is engaged in retail of domestic products. The company is selling high quality household products: detergents, soups, shampoos, cleaning liquids, utensils, etc. The company has its own shop. The company wants to import kitchen utensils (glasses, plates, forks, spoons, knifes, flower and fruit bowls, etc.). For this purpose the company is looking for the producers in order to become an agent, distributor or representative of those goods' producers. REQUEST:  BRAM20131107001

North West UK Agent is looking for manufacturers of chemical agents, mechanical and electrical components to act as agent in the UK. This well established company currently provides high quality chemical agents, electrical and mechanical components at competitive prices to a wide range of industries such as: Oil and gas, maritime water / waste water treatment, sugar, food industries. Its mechanical and electrical products include: boilers, cooling towers, boiler tubes cleaning equipment and tools, hydraulic cylinders, pipe laying, welding and bending equipment and steel and valves. They are looking to widen their product portfolio. REQUEST: BRUK20130819002


An Italian company, located in Sicily, is specialized in the extraction/processing of sea salt and in its supplying in Italy and abroad. The company seeks salt mining producing companies willing to act as subcontractors. The objective is to enlarge his production capacity in order to acquire new clients and reach new market. REQUEST: BRIT20131014001

Polish company is a producer and distributor of fresh and frozen ecological food and frozen regional food. The company's product range includes variety of dumplings, noodles, chops, croquettes etc. The company offers to be a distributor of ecological food products and other ecological goods from any sector to companies which want to enter Polish market. REQUEST: 20120509003 BR


UK water treatment company water is looking for suppliers of innovative treatment products & technologies. It is a well-established privately owned water treatment company operating in the UK and is looking for suppliers of innovative treatment products & technologies in the field of Legionella control. REQUEST: BRUK20131028002


Russian company, specializing in the sphere of computer and office equipment for enterprises and private individuals supplies and in Clever house systems installation, offers trade intermediary services. The company organizes wholesale supplies of computers, servers, notebook computers and other office equipment of the famous world brands and of own assembly. At the present time the company is searching for reliable suppliers of equipment, Clever house systems, Smart-Bus, C-Bus standards and others. REQUEST: 20101109004


Technological opportunities EEN :


A Danish consultant has patented a specific method to extract active compounds from fenugreek seeds which can be used in foodstuffs. Various SMEs are sought for technical cooperation: a dietitian/nutritionist company (directing efforts to the diabetic area - old peoples' homes and hospitals), a diary company who produces yoghurts and other milk products and an SME tablet/capsule producer. Plus a food formulator who is to bring the products to the market (marketing). REQUEST: 12 DK 20B7 3NWV

Company from North-East Poland involved  in the production of cold-pressed rapeseed oil and cold-pressed linseed oil is looking for technology which will improve production process. The technology should be capable of processing 30 kg of material per hour using the lowest temperature during the process. Technology must be fully developed. The company is looking for license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance. REQUEST: TRPL20131128001

Scientists from renowned Dutch research centres have identified a single and identical amino acid substitution that completely eliminates the toxic properties of all three 9-amino acid sequences. This provides an opportunity to generate modified alpha-gliadins which would be safe for consumption by patients while maintaining the industrial quality associated with gluten molecules. Industrial partners are sought with a focus on functional foods and food additives for a licence agreement. OFFER: 12 NL 60AH 3P8L


A UK company manufactures personal care products. They are seeking appliances, devices and methods for longer lasting or safer hair styling. Safe can mean avoiding skin burns. The type of collaboration may vary and will depend on the stage of development. The UK company has resources for product development and global launch.REQUEST: TRUK20131119001


A Spanish designer has invented an innovative way to check the time, he has found the way to integrate the watches in the clothes, so these do not bother and time can be checked while having your hands occupied. He is looking for collaborators interested in manufacturing this product and launching it in the market. OFFER: TOES20131128001


Macedonian company, owner of cattle farm is looking for partners able to provide suitable technology for establishing a bio-gas plant. The technology should be already introduced to the market or in laboratory stage but ready for implementation. The company is searching for partners for technical and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance. REQUEST: 12 MK 82EX 3OUX


Dutch SME with extensive experience in the development of mobile health apps is offering healthcare providers and businesses its knowledge and expertise to develop applications for both the iOS and Android platform. The company is looking for partners to initiate an innovative Horizon 2020 project for monitoring and intervention through mobile platforms. OFFER: TONL20131202001

A laboratory of virtual and augmented reality technologies of the Latvian scientific institution is looking for software and hardware solutions to construct interactive and immersive three dimensional training environments for development of scenarios for teaching minimally invasive surgery. The laboratory seeks for partners that can offer authoring platforms, input devices or customizable simulation systems to develop different scenarios for surgery. REQUEST: TRLV20131024004

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