Africa : a continent that goes green

Le 15 mai 2013 par Mathilde CHAMBRY, WTC Rennes Bretagne

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The new and renewable ernergy sectors are presented as an option to reach the goals of social and economic growth in Africa.

The continent has major investment opportunities in various areas : biomass, geothermal, hydro, solar and wind power.

Overview of a vast energetic potential

Promoted by governments for more than eight years, investments in the sector of the renewable energies are growing on the continent.

- By 2013, the objectives are to reach 700 GW to satisfy the demand;
- The average annual solar radiation in Africa ranges between 5 and 7 WH/m², which ranks it with those found on Arabian Peninsula, in Nothern Australia and in nothern Chile;
- The continent has a capacity of 114 GW, enough to cover the needs of one billion people;
- Only 21 out 53 countries profitably operate hydro-electric power

There are favorable investments code and incentives

The new device of the Investment Code and Status Free Export Company (CFCE) has been simplified to ensure fast and secure instalation. It supports private investment in the world by streaming administrative procedures.

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