pedras salgadas spa nature park by ivo tavares studio

Le 14 février 2013

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Designed in a modular prefabrication system but flexible to adapt to the specific places within the park, these houses result in several different combinations of the same three modules (entrance/bathing – living – sleeping) creating different morphologies and different dialogues with the surrounding nature, wisely occupying the empty spaces between the trunks of large trees and, at the same time, allowing each home to be unique, special and worth visiting.
The pitched roofs that characterize the intervention redefine the contours of the park boundary and result, within the houses in comfortable but dynamic spaces. the vain corner contradicts the structural logic of the house but creates the illusion that the park is inside the house framing living nature pictures. an outer coating in slate tile refers to the local construction traditions and the slatted wood used when there is a balcony creates the perfect resting spaces.

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